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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Thatís usually because individuals generally donít have more that one of those and they refer to a physical address where the service is provided.

But most of the time, when they ask for a utility bill, itís to prove a location of residence.

The OP is looking to prove identity. Cell phone, credit card bills and bank statements should work.

After all, what if youíve got a roommate, and the rent and utilities are in their name?

Logic says that's stuff should work, and yes, some do except those things. You need to look at the terms and conditions to see what's required.

Because, they don't care if you have a roommate and all that utility bills are in their name. What they care about is taking in the most amount of money possible, and paying out the least amount possible.

Some of these online casinos look for any technicality possible not to pay you, they're not really in the casino business they're in the scamming business masked as an online casino . That's why some have those outrageous terms and conditions. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of very good online casinos that are not looking to play technicality games. They're in the casino business and they do very well for themselves by running a fair game with great customer service.
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Perhaps online gambling will be the next big thing. For all I know, it already is. Maybe it's time to just settle down, rent an apartment, and change all the addresses to match - then rest easy knowing all my docs are as totally legit as can be. And once I know what I'm doing online... then comes photoshop.

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