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I found this great page that tells people where to stick it when they have a complaint about an online casino

my favorite part :

Unfair games
Operators are required to use equipment and software that meet very strict technical standards in respect of 'fairness'. This means that the control system, a 'Random Number Generator' (RNG) must be of a very high, secure and sophisticated standard and produce numbers randomly over an extended number (millions) of plays. Operators are required to have all RNG's tested by independent specialists, and monitor the overall outcome of games in terms of the range and distribution of numbers it produces, and how frequently the customer wins or loses. These results should be accessible to customers through the website. They will show who has tested the software and, confirm the number output is random and, where applicable, what the 'Return to Player' (RTP) percentage was. The actual RTP should be close to the theoretical long term RTP, usually 95% or over. RTP is a measure of all the play of all the players of that game pooled together. It is not the play or return to any one player. Some players will win and have an RTP in excess of 100%, most players will lose and have an RTP of less than 100%. A player who wins £500 from £10 play has an RTP of 5000%. Players must recognise that if some winners have an RTP of 5000%, many other players will have an RTP of 0%. Some players become convinced that 'cards are fixed' or a certain number 'never comes up' etc. For this to be the case the RNG or its associated software would have to be defective. A defective RNG will 'skew' its outcomes and this will be very apparent in the distribution of numbers, the game results and the RTP.

but there is so much more useful information within this page as well i suggest taking a look if you are curious


i should post the link i guess haha... https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/finance-gaming-and-regulations/gambling-commissioners-advice-complainants
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So I followed the link, and the paragraph about 'Abusive language or conduct' made me laugh

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