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July 4th, 2017 at 2:56:52 AM permalink
i wanted to find some useful info on this, but i counldn't. i then share something i know.

i can only write by points.
1) i am Chinese, i know a lot on ap. I read Mike, Eliot, Stephen Snyder i gambled online for some 3 months, i won some small money.
2) some US or European online casinos wants to enter chinese market, but they failed, just like Amazon, they don't know what chinese think. i never played in 365 or or or defabet, i played only 2 days, they cheated me on offering free spins. maybe it is a fake one, who cares, i mainly play the fake ones.
3) the big ones in asia are these: don't be surprised if your DNS is hijacked by other 'chick site', it is very common.
if you want to find other big ones, visit this forum: which gives good order on big or small.
4) the big platform: bbin and ag, others: GD, OG, MG, ET.
5) BBIN;s blackjack is fucking too slow. AG's one is ok. the house edge is about 0.8%.
6) the most popular promotion is: a, if you deposit first time, some welcome money. b the 'return money,' every bet you make, you get 0.4-1.2% back. some not-asia offers 0.4% about. i can see some do good math, like 1.5% on tie and pairs of bac. but some ok big ones offer 1.2% on blackjack and Bac. on bac, the tie is not counting as running bet.
7) there are thousands of agencies, they are illegal. but they have good promotions. they cheat too ofen, i played MG blackjack, they give us 1.% -1.8% as 'return money'. it is too easy to win. i beated many sites. but they don't pay. to be very pround of me is that BBin owned some thousands of sites which shares the same games, just different color and names. they had to remove that blackjack. european gold, multihand.
8) of course i used software to play. i spent 2 months to learn everything needed to play it automatically.
9) there are too many times they refuse to pay me, i want to quit, kind of , so i don't care if some tiny philipines will read above, at 0.1% chance.
10) it is illegal to gamble in China. the legal companies in philipine are using illegal way: find chinese bank card to make us to pay to.
11) a lot of chinese are gambling online, a very small percentage knows how to win, they own small studios. they are fighting with the 'chick sites', including me. i still cannot find ways to know the inside of the industry. i care most how i can make the chick site to pay me money(the account is still active with money in), they have sth to be afraid of, but i don't know what they are.
12) the sex sites are banned in China, but gambling, no. why? it is politician. there are big persons behind.

i cannot write more, sorry for the bad logic.
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July 4th, 2017 at 11:45:37 AM permalink
Welcome. I watch a lot of YouTube videos about China, seems like a great place to live, so wild and with so much energy, except the pollution. Recently, there was a video about how it's hard getting US dollars out of China, so depositing money into a really foreign casino would not be my recommendation. Worst point, language barrier, if you don't know Chinese, it's too dangerous.
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Thanks for the post. Interesting and very informative (to me at least).

The way I read it is, you managed to make +ev plays at many sites because of the high money back % they offer for play on games like blackjack/baccarat, but you also had big problems with not being paid from them. Once you balance it all out, did you make money overall? Ie do enough of the sites pay often enough for you to make money from them?
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July 13th, 2017 at 7:51:00 AM permalink
Thanks for sharing your online experiences with us Tom. It's interesting to see how it works around the world, and ironic to see that it's fairly similar to most of our own experiences. You mentioned you play a lot of the small time sites because they offer the best deals but then they don't pay. I think that if I were to do a lot of online gaming here or there I would avoid the small sites as they're usually the least regulated. Have you had any success sticking to the more "big names" online in your area with actually getting paid?
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