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"So here's how it works. The scenario begins as the player deposits $200 into the lottery's website as a first-time player and that player would automatically receive a one-time sign-up bonus of $100 using the "BONUS" code. They would then begin to gamble the $300 on one particular game, Fuzzball Keno. The player then has to play 300 games of Fuzzball Keno with one ball (the same ball) at $1 a game. In this particular game, if the ball is selected during the game, the player receives double the money. If the ball doesn't get selected, the player gets half the bet back. "

Actually, you can do it with any balls, but the concept is the same since there appears to be only a 2:1 bonus rollover requirement. It is no different than the bonuses offered by any sportsbook or online casino, but somehow since the lottery is offering it this becomes a sweeps story. Lazy reporting.
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>>>>>>>> Lazy reporting.
I'll take your word for it since I can't seem to follow it at all.

Is the newspaper reporting events that happened to take place or alleging that other players were not losing their money entirely?
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They'll be back.
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