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If you like online poker, you may want to check out the new LuckBoxes online TV show. (Thanx to JCarver Twitch TV show). In 2013, Los Angeles-based filmmaker Ryan Firpo directed BET RAISE FOLD, a feature-length documentary about the rise and fall of the online poker industry. LUCKBOXES is a fictitious re-telling of the 'online poker story' filled with fortune, fame, humor and heart. Check it out at Luckboxes-dot-tv. (Still confused about posting Internet links, don'cher know?)
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Funny fun fact: I'm willing to state that my group of friends made the phrase "Luck Box" first appear in the poker community. About 15 years ago I started to get in to poker a lot and semi-seriously. My 1 year older brother and his friends were already playing. We had a lot of fun phrases for when someone kept repeatedly getting lucky... IN HALO (and other first person shooter console games). This was before online poker even originated. We were top level halo players (beating the 3rd world ranked team with ease in Halo 1) and had tons and tons of phrases from the game we carried over to poker. Later, we used to say it to people online when online poker originated, as we played on just about every original site you could name... Bonus whoring and playing... Then in one of the WPT like tournament of champions shows Annie Duke won and in her post-interview said "Yeah I guess my plan was to just be a luck box and suck out on everyone..." and we all lost it, as we'd been saying that for years and years and years prior to seeing it actually in the community.

Quite amusing that there's a TV show called LuckBox. I just texted my friend to jokingly let him know about his Trademark Infringement and potential lawsuit =).
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This is a great show to watch. You can watch most of the best online poker game in the world. Just like watching Egames poker fans would like to know how they manage to win and what kind of strategy they are using.

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