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Do you guys trust more in video poker rng or blackjack rng online? Cause I have decent deals to play with to win at video poker or blackjack ,but its based on my edge and im not sure if online casinos can be trusted with fairness of their machines for me to consistently lose in swingy game. Is it not better to play their "live dealer" blackjack to guarantee fairnes?
maybe this isnt an issue and im being too careful
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there is no "video poker rng" or "blackjack rng online". There is only 1 kind of rng, and they use it for all games.
and if one of the game is rigged in that online casino, you can be almost 100% sure the other game would be rigged as well.

hope that helps
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Quote: zuti6

Is it not better to play their "live dealer" blackjack to guarantee fairnes?

Card mechanics have been rigging shuffles for much longer than RNG's.

Any game can be fair, any game can be gaffed. Either you trust the venue's integrity (and by extension, the game's integrity), or you don't.
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I have had very good luck playing Slots and VP online at multiple casinos.

I have had horrible results playing online BJ especially any time I bet more than $1 or $2. I know many other people who have had similar horrible results. If it's not 100% regulated it's probably rigged. That's not to say You can't win or have an advantage. I suggest not playing anything without a significant advantage.
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Of course. you`re right and I think this principle should be implkemented for all your games that you want to play. Otherwise you`ll loose and spent all your money, then as most newbies will tell on each forum tht casino stole your money and so on...
First - learn - than play.. Only this will save your money and nerves..
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