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I posted this on the systems forum, but I'm posting here as well to try and get the very best advice --

Let me start by thanking all the responses to my previous four questions through this have saved me money and time through clear and educated responses.....Now let me ask the following as my mind grows in all this --

Can I win by playing online poker using an online program system?

Can you direct me to the very best online programs that might maximise my winning chances


Is the way to win at Poker Online by becoming a great Texas Hold Em player without system assistance and if this is the case, can you direct me to an online program that teaches you how to become an expert player...and thereby a winner.....

Keen for your help and advice

Note, my aim here is to win money and also not lose money, if that makes sense

Cheers to a great site and forum

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Online programs are helpful to a certain extent. You can't always trust these online programs. So it is always recommended not to use any program for playing a casino game, use your own mind. For small games you can use these programs, where you can see how to play and then later can apply this same method on large stake games. Check out some strategies mentioned over here
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