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October 15th, 2012 at 1:46:20 AM permalink
When I first started gambling online, I tried to make a deposit with my debit card, and got it frozen; I had to go to the bank to reactivate it. Since then, I've been paranoid about a deposit, and have only been playing with what I could make of the $25 no-deposit bonus. However, a recent downswing has made me nervous, plus I think my low buy-ins are cramping my game a bit. Is it only debit cards that have this risk? What I'm finding recommends a prepaid card, but I'm worried about chancing it with an offense already to my name.

There's also an option on their site that they seem to be purposefully vague about, with a $100 minimum - is there anything I should know about that?
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Are you depositing directly with a casino or through an intermediary such as this e-wallet stuff or the like?
I assume you are in the USA.
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When people were worrying about PayPay being hacked, I read suggestions that you open a separate account and only keep whatever was needed to cover your PayPal transactions in it so you wouldn't risk having your regular funds drained. That might be a good idea in this case--have a separate account dedicated to your online deposit money, so if it gets frozen you won't be majorly inconvenienced.
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