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Hey Guys, been a long time lurker but decided to create an account. I like to play blackjack for fun and have played about 400 hours and up about 120 units in the last year. I have been using hi lo but don't use all of them as I don't want to get noticed and not be allowed to play as I mostly do it for fun and just don't want to lose money in the long run. I was just wondering what my edge is if any.

6 decks, S17, 3:2, Split up to 4 hands, DAS, no resplit aces and just draw 1 card, no surrender, double on any two cards, dealer peeks. Average about 80% penetration.

betting ramp

anything under tc1 - 1 unit
tc1- 2 units
tc2- 4 units
tc3- 6 units
tc4+ 8 units

I just do following of the I18 as I don't want to be backed off
Insurance tc +3
stand 16 vs T tc +0
stand 15 vs T tc +4
stand 12 vs 3 tc +2
stand 12 vs 2 tc +3
double 11 vs A tc +1
double 10 vs A tc +4

I always leave at tc -2

I know it isn't most profitable way to play but I haven't received any heat about my play and was just wondering what edge I have if any.


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