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Who was the guy that advocated finding tables with dirty ashtrays?
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Quote: Zcore13

Interesting, because I would have corrected her on each mistake to me. I guess everyone has different morals.

Morals matter but there is another issue to consider. The eye in the sky may have caught the incorrect payouts. If they also record you correcting you gain some credit with casino bosses for doing the right thing. The numbers couldn't have been that big if there is a $100 cap on bets. Getting a reputation as someone willing to do the right thing when not required is a character trait that cannot be bought.
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Quote: billryan

Who was the guy that advocated finding tables with dirty ashtrays?

That was Jerry Patterson. A one time respected expert until he promoted TARGET system and Clumping. What he sold was for mainly recreational players to analyze "winning tables" and players attitudes. You looked to see if there were dirty ashtrays, meaning someone was staying there awhile; multi unit bets v minimum bets; laughing and joking v down in the mouth players; dealer "breaking" dealers "drawing out", etc. Other factors that were observational v mathematically based.

While he was excoriated for this, no one seems to remember that part of his system was basic high low counting. He sold flash cards to learn basic strategy and variations and taught hi low as part of this TARGET system.

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