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Quote: terapined

EB goes after Clinton hard
I shrug
I go after Trump hard
EB goes bonkers and makes it personal lol

Insert Viagra joke here.
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Once again, EB finds a way to be the smartest person in the room. Simply because he uses common sense. And at least in this election and in this debate, common sense won.

Sorry for those chicken littles out there. Things will be fine.
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Quote: Boz

Once again, EB finds a way to be the smartest person in the room.

I would agree, for this part in particular...

Quote: EvenBob

I don't care if you're offended, why
should I. I don't live in the same PC
world you do.

And that's why I'm here.

I am one of those anti-PC folks. Forget "anti", I f#$%ing hate it. And if you haven't heard me say it outright, I am one of those fellas that think "PC" is causing a whole heap of problems. And with this thread's appearance and Babs' request for me to opine more, I'm gonna hit on this one.

See, I can imagine some Joesh type fellow to hear my anti-PC stance and immediately assume I'd prefer to be able to "talk down to" some "uppity (insert minority here)". After all, ain't keepin' the lesser breeds in their place the whole / only reason anyone would be anti-PC? I've seen that charge leveled before, and I get mad every time. Like, how can you be so simple to believe something like that? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we anti's ain't never really explained it, or given concrete ideas behind our stance, pretty much leaving everyone to guess. Babs' post about thinking of leaving this place and her disgust at seeing some of the things in that thread led me to do some thinking. And so, here's my personal explanation on why guys like EB "got it", and stances like Drawing Dead's are so laughably ridiculous (IMO, of course).

See, check this out... "nigger". I just said nigger. In type, no less, and I ain't no part black. Ain't no urbanite, either. I'm a hillbilly, white trash redneck, and I just said nigger. That's three times now. Who here is already uncomfortable? I'd bet cash money it's well over half, and I'd even openly include myself within that half+ of people who feel awkward. There are a bunch of words like this, words that immediately cast a pall over any environment one could find themselves in. Fag. Chink. Spic. Haole. Han:ji. Gwilo. Redskin. Han:yoh. Name a subsect of people and there's a "bad word" for them. Some of these words are deemed "so bad" that many will not even say nor type them. Instead, we say and type "the 'N' word". Or we pull our eyes tight on the sly and give a head nod in persons' direction.

Now, it's at this point that I should go back, edit, and never let this post see the light of day. But f#$% that. Let's take it further. What if I don't just type the word, but I actually use it. What if i start inquiring what happened to that 'skin from ATL, as I ain't seen 2F in a hot minute? What if I tell terapined I ain't interested in his chink stories? What if I were to inquire what fag stuff KJ has been up to lately? Well, holy s#$%. Now things are really uncomfy. I might have even just lost the green, and maybe even my membership period.

I look at this situation and I'm damn near disgusted. What do you PC folks hope to accomplish? Well, as a sort of compassionate fellow, I reckon I can assume and then empathize and even agree with your goal, which is to ensure no man is left to be the target of discriminate hate. If that's in fact your goal, I have no argument. I'm right there with you. But do you not see that by casting such judgement on these words, that it is YOU who gives them the power they have?

That is my opinion, as a halfbreed. I could point to many pocks and dents in my face as the result of racism, and I've enough stories to fill a book. I'm sure terapined has lived many of my battles, being a halfbreed himself. He said before he's oft mistaken as Hawaiian, just as I've oft been mistaken as Puerto Rican. I'd bet that like me he's had coworkers, peers, even semi-close friends, dog his culture right to his face as they didn't realize he was of the race they were disparaging. Happens to me all the time. But you know what fixed racism for me? Me. That's all. Wasn't no "burying of the bad word" a la that idiot Sharpton, it wasn't about public shaming or cussing out a "bigot", it was the simple understanding that their opinion affects me ZERO, yet affects them to some extent. And this is were I get so pissed off. Used to be that any mention of my race in any form of negativity was gonna lead to some hands being thrown. And someone would call be an "apple", or "not a real Indian", or state I had "just a touch of the tarbrush, and it was on immediately. What did that get me? Pain, some trips to the medic, some disciplinary troubles, couple of permanent head injuries, and not one god damned other thing period. It didn't get me respect, didn't get me understanding, didn't get me conformity. It got me nothing. Not until I took control, until I understood the power behind eliminating these words' effect, that was I released from the hate prison I had constructed.

And that' why I'm so anti-PC and so f#$%ing frustrated with you bleeding hearts. You ENCOURAGE THIS VULNERABILITY. You are telling everyone around you that you SHOULD be terribly upset at someone elses ignorance. THAT IS HORSES#$%! I could, as an identified minority, walk right up in EB's face and call him a honky, whitebread, peckerwood cracker. You can guess, but I already know what his response would be. A laugh and a possible invitation to me to get the f#$% out of here. And 2 seconds later, it is out of EB's life forever. THAT'S what's SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. If I can come to into your face, or even just place some words here that you might find, and I can completely ruin your day and get into your head and cause you so much grief over a simple word, then you have F#$%ED UP. You are LOSING THE GAME.

And there's another offshoot of the PC garbage I think is doing REAL damage. MEASURABLE damage. See, I remember getting into a big gun debate, and I was rapping with boymimbo over our odd border. It is basically the exact same town, just split by the Niagara River. Same culture, same location, it's like the differences between two sisters; mostly cosmetic. This was in a gun debate discussion and I just could not find a metric to explain the vast differences in crime. And it was either EB or AZD who piped up and said "demographics". My immediate reaction? "S#$%." I was a bit irritated at it. It was "racial". It made me "uncomfortable". But in the interest of learning, I carried on in that vein. And you know what? I saw that there was some certain questionable links. As I went on and on, I saw what in any other case would have been a thread in which to begin to follow, and a long term discussion with which to have, but it painted black folk in a negative light. And that made me REALLY uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, in fact, I sort of half-assed mentioned it and then mostly dropped the subject. I dropped it. I was too scared. So scared I DROPPED A F#$%ING GUN DEBATE O.o

That PISSES ME OFF. Fact is all cultures have a cluttered closet, and I mean clutter SPECIFIC to that culture, but we have been trained, cajoled, or outright threatened to never go in that direction. That is WRONG. Why can't we point out that gun violence is, in majority, a black problem? Or why can we not question why it's always the white folk who end an entire generation in a bathtub, or several generations at a public school?

This is my anti-PC stance. I don't wish for unshielded hate, or what the anti-Trump folks trumpet, "the emboldening of bigots nationwide". Hell no. But what I wish is for you to stop stripping folks of their power, stop saddling them with vulnerability, and stop putting up roadblocks to topics we absolutely need to delve into. Racism is SERIOUS. Dropping it at every slight is incredibly irresponsible.

In closing, I posted this as more than just a rant. I really would like one of you soft hearted fellas to engage me on this, point out where my thinking is wrong. My journey from my own bleeding heart to where I am now is a dead straight line. There has been no experience of mine to support your side of the argument, and I'm guess I'm looking for exactly that.

And in addition to in closing, I'll admit right now that I am not right in the head. My post looks good to me and I stand by it 100%. But as my judgement is a bit in question, I offer anyone here who has taken legit offense to my post an opportunity to challenge and defeat it, and I hand you the axe. Charge me the infraction and I'll serve whatever punishment you see fit.

Oh, and as my schedule is madness, so... Merry Xmas to y'all.
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Quote: Face

In closing, I posted this as more than just a rant. I really would like one of you soft hearted fellas to engage me on this, point out where my thinking is wrong. My journey from my own bleeding heart to where I am now is a dead straight line. There has been no experience of mine to support your side of the argument, and I'm guess I'm looking for exactly that..

The only anti-pc people I respect are the ones willing to be un-pc knowing the person in front of them they are doing it to, could beat their ass into ground and might be likely to do so at any moment. I don't mean with conditions, like standing with your friends, or knowing you got a gun in a holster under your clothes. That's a coward.

If you can make that claim on a regular basis, I can at least respect that. I don't know if I'll like you any better, but I'll respect you.
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I'm right in the middle on this issue, fwiw, Face. I grew up calling people by names now considered derogatory in what, to me, seems an overly sensitive need to take umbrage. I miss being able to tell Irish, Italian, Polack, or Little Black Sambo jokes we learned as kids.

Otoh, there is a legitimate argument that casual, widespread use of "terms of otherness" promulgate acceptance and ranking of classes by race, sex, ethnic origin, or orientation, and not to the benefit of those labeled. And all those jokes, as I review them in my head, were funny because they reinforced a negative stereotype in nearly every case.

So, I think intent is an important aspect, as someone said 10 pages ago. And thousands of incidents are happening every day, in our country which supposedly celebrates the lifted lamp.beside the open door, with vile intent from the hater. Queasy as the victims make me, it's not close to the discomfort the perpetrators cause.

Where does that hatred even come from? That's the part I still don't get. It's not the nicknames and jokes. It's the anger and hatred of so many. Maybe it's easier to blame others instead of taking responsibility for one's own failings or difficulty. But in that case, the anger is really at themselves, and is misdirected to exterior targets. So maybe I should feel sorry for the self-delusional rather than their victims?

I go back to that thing Eleanor Roosevelt said, about nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. And maybe that's where the line should be. Blow off the non-pc stuff. Fight like hell when you're denied an opportunity you've earned on merit by a prejudiced fool. Fight for a better world for your kids. They've already left most of this prejudice behind, so maybe there's hope as those of us raised in privilege die off.

And Happy Hanukkah to you. Festivus. Kwanzaa. Solstice. We celebrate Christmas, so have a Merry one.
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Quote: Kickass

In the December 15, 2016 show, Bob said "Would it likely be easier for a wealthy Chinaman..." at around "32:45".

Just to state the obvious. I'm a Chinese American and I found it odd/uncomfortable to hear this term in a public radio show. Do you guys use this term in your daily conversation? If so, do you know the history behind it?

Your website has Asian jokes on it
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Quote: AxelWolf

Your website has Asian jokes on it

I read a few. A couple I found funny but I think the best was... I bought a black computer because... lol

I thought about Jimmy the Greek after reading that joke.
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Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
George Carlin.

Merry Christmas. May God bless us, one and all.
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Face said:

"But you know what fixed racism for me? Me. That's all. Wasn't no "burying of the bad word" a la that idiot Sharpton, it wasn't about public shaming or cussing out a "bigot", it was the simple understanding that their opinion affects me ZERO"

His entire encyclopedic post boils down to
the above paragraph. If you let other people
run your life for you, they'll be happy to do
it. But shame on you for playing the victim.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Quote: Face

Merry Xmas to y'all.

Happy holidays to you as well.
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