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I know icosahedron ( spell check does not recognize ) is a 20-faced polyhedron. Thanks to Mr. Casino Games and the roulette dice he gave to Josie at G2E. Josie intends to bring her own chops next time, thinks Stephen has magnetic implanted in his hands .
OOOPs, this is a gambling forum. Well, how about LUCK. Overheard a a great discussion about luck in 1958, same year I racked for Willie Mosconi. Henry Gordon, pool hall owner and bookie big enough to get the nickle line from Donald Angelini AKA ????
If you don't know AKA do not enter any of Mike's trivia contests.
Anyway Henry did not believe in luck in gambling. Henry said luck started and ended in gene pool. Born while or black, rich or poor, healthy or ill.
I got lucky in gene pool. My Dad would be alive today if he had been a non-smoker, I'll be 77 in May, take a baby aspirin at night. THats it. For every winner there is a loser, I guess. Josie is bipolar, depressed, diabetic, etc. Getting molested as a kid by her uncle didn't help.
I thought I was a tuff guy until I had to sign papers for her ECT ( SHOCK THERAPY), plus 2 suicide attempts on the record, 1 off the record. Ooops back to gambling
Never mind.
Sunday Josie insisted we go to Gold's gym for swimming pool, hot tub, sauna. Been 5 months since she fell and hit her head Diabetes under control. All is good!
Ever been driving down the highway of life, 70MPH, a horse with no name on the radio, a beautiful wife next to you, all your troubles in rear view mirror>>>>>> WHAM Hood flies up and crashes into front windshield,
Not an analogy, happened 15 months ago $300 1998 Nissan, great mechanical condition except for faulty hood latch. HaHA
Somehow avoided slamming on brake, slowed, pulled onto grass mediam WHAM Hit from behind Left rear bumper, 2 inches from end. Paint transfers only damage. Female driver insists upon calling cops. I said she will get ticket, As car behind me she is responsible for stopping safely. She calls cops, says I am wrong, she was 3 cars back GRRRRRR
So Monday am Josie has severe headaches and I need to finish quickly. BY 252/157, 5 days in hospital, hallucination, confusion, needs help to walk MRI Friday. Oh, forgot Monday I get letter US Park Ranger job on National Monument Park $15.22 and hour, 1039 hours max Bacically 40 hours April thru Sep SWEET,
But that was last monday. $ choices inflimation of brain, mini strokes, cancer, dimentia.
Her BIG brother Joe 7ft 400 lbs went from functioning great to a nursing home in 2 months. There's that damn luck in gene pool again.
DIMENTIA I had heart attack, stent surgery, walked out on my own 2 days later.
Josie need to lean on me or use walker, nurse coming to help her cope tommorow. Oh that job. AP would be get uniform, work a few months, quit. But I am to dumb to do that. A divorce would get all her meds cost off us, ain't doing that either.

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