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Wanted to comment on a few different topics in this thread...

Re: Lay 4 of $60 being rated as $30.

Yes, casinos will rate this based on the opposite Buy position, and that's wrong IMO if you only pay vig on a win. On a Buy 4 $30, you pay $1 on 1/3 of the outcomes. But on a Lay 4 $60, you pay $1 on 2/3 of the outcomes. You pay 2x as much vig in the long run on the Lay, so you should get rated 2x as much (the full $60 on the Lay, and $30 on the Buy).

Re: $50 BJ player getting comped more than $50 PGP player.

Not true IME. Yes you get a lot more hands/hr out at BJ than PGP, but the house advantage on PGP is a lot larger. At my local casino, BJ gets comped ~10% of your bet per hour, and PGP gets comped ~14%. So a $50 player would earn $5/hr at BJ and $7/hr at PGP in comps.

Re: The presser getting screwed vs the flat bettor.

Depends on the pit boss / boxman. Some are more on top of things than others, and will account for the extra bets you're putting up. Some won't. Just another added layer of variance to deal with.
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I KNOW FOR A FACT how I'll be rated (This casino uses rating "cards" and they use pencils, so they can erase! hahaha)
I've played a similar system before (No 4, No 10 for $70 a piece and got rated for $150; but I only played it like an hour because I was severely under bankrolled)
On the subject of BJ vs PGP rating...this casino would give me a $25 rate if I was a green chipper at BJ, however at PGP it'd take 5 hours rather than 4, to earn the same thing. (PGP is VERRRY popular and ALWAYS full even though they have six tables!)
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This is from Ask the Wizard #136

The following tables show the number of hands/tosses per hour in blackjack, craps, and roulette.
The source of the tables is Casino Operations Management by Jim Kilby.
Hands per Hour in Blackjack
Players Hands per hour
1 209
2 139
3 105
4 84
5 70
6 60
7 52
Rolls per Hour in Craps
Players Rolls per hour
1 249
3 216
5 144
7 135
9 123
11 102

Spins per Hour in Roulette
Players Spins per hour
1 112
2 76
3 60
4 55
5 48
6 35
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