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January 19th, 2012 at 8:05:52 AM permalink
The “Fire” bet is back on the crap tables at Red Rock Resort Casino in Las Vegas, after being dropped from their tables about a year ago. It must be a money maker for the other Station casino’s that still have the bet, to bring it back to Red Rock Resort.

I believe the “FIRE” side bet to be the most popular side bet for craps.
If my memory serves me right I read somewhere Shuffle Master purchased the rights from HOP bet.

Also at Red Rock Resort they have installed the electronic CRAPS game which seems to be making its way into a lot of casino‘s. Press the button and watch the Dice bounce.
I‘m not sure whether this CRAPS fancy slot game will bring more players to the regular crap table or take away from it. Time will tell.

A couple of things going for it (electronic CRAPS,) it doesn’t require any dealers to operate, and it‘s not intimidating . But is it gimmick gambling ?

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