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Let me first say. This site rocks. This is like the best forum, I've ever been on. It is so simple, and yet has so many features than other fancy pancy forums. And you guys are tops.

Tulalip Casino 01/13/2012
Marysville, WA

Friday the 13th. Buy in $60. Low spread $35. 10x odds at most tables. Used hardway set entire time. Dealers fairly friendly, stickman(girl) has a sense of humor. Boxman Oscar very professional as usual, even with some newbies at the table. One guy, completely drunk, keeps handling dice with both hands, and at times brings them behind the table. They nicely give him warnings. He throws the dice so hard it rolls down the sidewall, hits the backwall, and almost makes it 3/4 of the way back to the shooter.

Went with a friend, a new player. Love explaining the game to new people. Watched table for 20 minutes. Able to qualify a few shooters who stayed. Bought in stickman left 1. Had a stacker playing left high corner. Had a woman playing SR back wall setting 3V's and intensely looking at other end of the table. Her throws had some yaw in it, but somehow she was hitting with some consistency. Dice got to me. Made 2 points, 7O. Came down to around $35 after a few other shooters with choppy hands. Made sure to tip the dealers every 20 minutes or so. One time when a hardway tip bet lost on the next roll, I just tipped them the same amount they lost on the bet. They were appreciative.

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