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November 28th, 2011 at 3:10:25 AM permalink
My wife and I are going to be in Vegas with a rental car the week between Christmas and New Years. We are interested in exploring some of the local casinos this trip and would like to play some of the really low limit craps tables. Our local casinos only have $5 min early in the mornings then bump to $10 asap. So it will be fun to play a lot longer on the same bankroll. Please help me compile a list, or direct me to the info elsewhere on the site. I did use the search feature but didn't find much. Thanks for your help!
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There is that survey link under the "Guides" heading.

Also, remember... you will probably use up in gasoline more than you save. For instance, if you trek to the far outer reaches of Henderson (a/k/a Hendertucky) you will find Club Fortune. One Dollar Craps Mon thru Thursday, Two Dollar Craps Friday Saturday and Sunday. Plus two hundred dollars to buy a new wardrobe that doesn't reek of cigarette smoke. Fairly Nearby is the Jokers Wild ... I often get the two confused so be sure to check their websites but each has cheap craps, lots of smoke and is a long way from anywhere.

Many low priced craps tables are still subject to a pit boss's whimsical nature. Some downtown places offer three dollar tables early on non-weekend mornings.
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Finding low limit craps isn't impossible.

Finding a craps table that has 25¢ chips is a LOT harder. It allows you to place the 6/8 in $1.50 units and the 5/9 in $1.25 units and get correct payouts.

I'm sure there are others, but the only one I've personally confirmed is Joker's Wild. They have both: $1 craps with the 25¢ chips.

Personally, I wouldn't mind is the limits were $5, or even $10. But I want 25¢ chips so I can press the bets in small units.
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Both Joker's Wild and Club Fortune have $1 craps and aren't anywhere as bad as FleaStiff says. They are actually quite nice, with little or no smoke. Only Joker's has $0.25 chips.

Try downtown; El Cortez is usually $3, some others might be too at some times. Tuscany is $3 during the day. Eastside Cannery is mostly $5 these days, but Sam's Town was advertising $3 craps (with 20x odds!) 24/7 last time I was there. That might be the best deal for craps in Las Vegas at the moment.

Up north, I had fun playing at Lucky Club and Jerry's Nugget. Both are worth the drive, and cost less than $5.

Slightly out of date directory.
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Here's a delightful tale of playing $1 craps at Joker's Wild and living to tell the tale.

It's called The Hoodlum.
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Here are some local casino痴 in the North end of the Vegas valley that normally run low limit crap tables.

Arizona Charlie痴-Decatur $2 craps
Texas Station $3 craps
Fiesta - Rancho $3 craps
Suncoast $3 craps
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Quote: kp

Here's a delightful tale of playing $1 craps at Joker's Wild and living to tell the tale.

It's called The Hoodlum.

Wow, this is great! Thanks for the link!
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El Cortez is still $3 as well as the Fremont .... March 2013

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