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In northern Nevada, more specifically Lake Tahoe, we bar the 2 on the don't pass/ don't come, while pretty much everywhere else in the world bar the 12. Is this advantageous to either the house or the player? It seems to me that it could have a negative effect to the house, as 2 pays double in the field while 12 pays triple. Example: A player has $5 on don't pass/come and $5 on the field. With barring 2, and a roll of 2, the player willl push the don't and profit $10 on the field for a net profit of $10. If a 12 is rolled the player would win the don't and $15 on the field for a profit of $20. If you bar the 12, and a 2 is rolled the player would only profit $15, while a roll of 12 would also have a player profit of $15. Looks to be a loosing strategy on the 2 for the house but beneficial on the 12. What do you think?
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If it was "bar 12", the field multipliers would probably be reversed, so it would not make a difference.

The one-in-six odds of "Big Red" on the come-out still make the field a losing proposition in the long run.
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It [a 2 or 12 bonus difference] has absolutely no effect on the don't pass odds. A player may make the don't pass bet with or without a field bet - as can the pass line player. In fact, most serious crap players avoid the field bet.

Barring the 2 or 12 on affect the don't pass produces in any way - whether they play it or not, and with same house edge - for the don't pass or pass line.
Doesn't matter if it is bar 2 or 12. A field bet does not affect any any line bet - even if you choose to look at the agrregate result.

And there is no expectation as to anyone's play on the don't being affatected from the field bet, as well as no relation to the pass line, or any other bet that they can make.
The field bet is absolutely immaterial to both the pass line bet and the don't pass bet. It is a side bet that may win or lose on a completely diffrent result. If you wish to look at aggreage results from the field bet and come up with a betting system for don't pass with a false associationm, you may.

In fact, in the game of craps, the field bet is an absolutely independent bet wagers; it wins or loses without regard to other crap bets.
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absolutely doesnt make a difference whether the 2 or 12 is barred, they both have equal probability of coming up (1/36).
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This Reno/Tahoe thing about the "2" versus the "12" might have some historical interest, for all I know it may have been an attempt to save the cost of the ink in printing the layout. (No, not really but I can't think of a rational reason for it). It makes no actual difference.

I see no actual reason for it to persist but I also see no reason for Reno to suddenly abandon it.

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