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May 6th, 2022 at 8:40:28 AM permalink
So I started playing 3 Point Molly with Odds on the Bubble Craps machine. I haven't paid close enough attention to whether odds bets count towards session points as I'm playing. When I check my card later though over half of the points I earned are missing. Like I earn 60 session points at the machine, I check the kiosk on my next visit and they only added 24 points instead of 60 points. I sometimes bet 2X Odds.
I didn't show up in April so I didn't get a May mailer and I'm not getting $5 in points each day I check-in either.
I'm betting $1 PL & 2 Comes with $1 or $2 odds at this point. Starting with $90 and hoping to win $100+. I'm converting Come wins into 2 PB's. $1 Come + $1 Odds wins then I bet 2 x $1 PB's. If I get to $135, I'll raise my bet to $2 line and $2 odds. If I get to $195, I'll raise my bets to $2 line and $4 odds.
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