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I've heard all the rumors, stories and definite maybe's but why don't we have THE FACTS. Just the facts please!!! It's been about 11 years and we know nothing. We know Patricia Demauro and 154 rolls, 4 hrs 18 minutes. That's it!!!

I think it's odd that we know very little about the roll. Borgata obviously has video of the whole thing. Let us know how much was won, how many points were made, how many sevens, how many no rolls, dice out, etc. Use actors to reenact it!!! No one needs to know who was there unless they want to be interviewed. I think I would. Did anyone have the AT&S or Fire bet!! Patricia Demauro is in her early 80's now. It's just weird.

Obviously, everyone needs to give their permission and a 3rd party needs to want to document it.

No stories. Just facts please. Thank you

I have a thread that dates back ten years but nothing there worth rehashing.
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There is no value to us today about this after ascertaining there was no hanky panky , neither was there any influence. Move along, nothing to see here.
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Quote: Yoyomama

I have a thread that dates back ten years but nothing there worth rehashing.

Why not spend your time trying to EXCEED her record hold of the dice.
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I remember reading at the time a Borgata dealer saying he was at that table, and although the table was full, nobody really knew how to play.

Bottom line, they lost a lot at that table, but nowhere near what they should have.
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