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July 12th, 2020 at 7:26:35 AM permalink
Quote: MattUK

What I don't understand - and don't see on the video - is where are the cards actually and who's doing what with them. If that was seen on the video and was edited it would be strange as this may be most important part. What I see are two dice being used as in normal Craps so it remains a mystery to me. Alas, you either live in California or you gamble. Having both would be too good for this world. Sooner or later Azure will install them in Nevada.

Go to 9:10 on the video. Notice on the far side of the table, just to the left of where it says "4 Rolled," there are six cards on the table - from left to right, the 4, 5, 6, 3, 2, and Ace of hearts. These represent the "actual" values when a die shows 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1. The roll is a 1-6; the stickman pushes out the card in the #1 position (the Ace, representing 1) and the card in the #6 position (a 4), so the "roll" is a 1-4, which is what shows up on the table when it turns green again. (Yes, this part is edited out, as whoever recorded the video was more interested in showing how the betting works.) Other than that, it is normal craps.

Yes, this is a strange way to do it, but for legal reasons, cards have to be used in California.
I am assuming that the way the table works is, the stickman sees the numbers that are rolled and pushes a couple of buttons. In, say, Nevada, the buttons pushed are the numbers that come up on the dice. Cards would not need to be used.
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July 12th, 2020 at 8:19:26 AM permalink
You're right. I sensed something's fishy when the roll number was shown to be 1. It only shows the absurdity of this anachronistic ban. I found an article about this oddity called Californian Craps.
Finger's crossed, elsewhere it will be the old school Crapsian Craps.
After a close examination of the footage I could see the Odds are 3-4-5x (it's 2x on their promo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h6mOZfEFzs so yes, it's up to the management; I wonder if all the way up to 100x). I wouldn't mind to see that giant horizontal TV here in the UK. Craps is a dying breed with a whopping number of 3 tables nationwide with only double Odds. Aruze allows the table to be operated by a single employee with much less experience (meaning: cheaper), while at the same time making it much simpler for the players, error-less and colorful. No doubt it's also safer, making pickpocketing difficult near the table. The dealer may (probably) change the Odds anytime and enhance the payouts, eg. to 1.01x on the Pass Line. Allow me to remind you the enhanced payouts all with 99% RTP / 1% house edge:

Any Craps win 7.91
Craps 2/12 win 34.64
Craps 3/11 win 16.82
Hard 4/10 win 7.91
Hard 6/8 win 9.89
Any 7 win 4.94
Field 2&12 win 2.82

Enough for each day of the week! Similarly, they can throw in bonuses like "two 7s in a row unlocks Any 7 win 5". Better still - vouchers valid for individual player during the game, eg. unlocking Double Triple on a Field. For EV+ it can be free 5$ on Pass Line or a streak of Pass Line bets (7, obviously) paying 1.05. Employing such promotions (and vouchers) would be truly revolutionary.
There are even adverts on the wall and, of course, they did not forget to add a "Hot Shooter Jackpot" side bet. As long as it's not mixed with cards and players roll the dice as they normally would I give Aruze a well deserved credit.
BTW, the Hot Shooter Jackpot will make "dice controllers" from across the country richer day after day! Finally a way to cash out on their not so cheap investment in all those books and premium training!
PS: Let's not forget that Interblock is watching. They have a Live Craps table prototype and may aggressively enter the market in the near future. That would be great news for all Craps players.
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