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July 8th, 2019 at 6:52:44 AM permalink
Yesterday I was bored and felt like making the 1 hour drive North from Dallas to visit WinStar and play some dice Craps. I had never wanted to play the card version they had previously, but now with dice I was down for it.

  • Bankroll: $400
  • Table Bets: Min $10 Max $500 + $1 Ante every comeout roll
  • Walkaway: At -$300 or 3 hours whichever came first
  • Betting Strategy: $75 Don't Come - YouTube /watch?v=EayQUY7UWZU
  • Results: +$586 Won - 2h 45m of game time

It was a good day with a couple good shooters. There were about 8-10 players at the table. I never threw the dice and passed each time. I am pretty novice at Craps so the action was at a perfect speed for me to keep up with laying down my bets etc.

At the point I was nearing my time limit, I asked the stick man who had been helping me with my bets earlier what his favorite bet was. He said Hard 4 at 7-to-1. I threw down $10 and said it was "For the Boys" and sure enough the very next roll popped out a Hard 4. The dealers got a win!

As for the Casino itself... I'm not a smoker and soon as I opened the door from the parking garage I got hit with the smoke, but after getting in to the game I didn't notice it much and it is less than what I would get from a bar or nightclub venue.

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