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Quote: 1MatterToMotion

It was a Michigan casino. In the early 2000's, if I remember. You'd have to contact the tv stations in Detroit to see if they have a record of the story.

Aren't all Michigan casinos outside of Greektown, MGM, and Motor City tribal casinos?

I think MGCB only has jurisdiction over those three.
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Quote: Hunterhill

Why protect them ,how about the name of the casino.

Because I should have just named the casino but didn't want to because it's right in my neck of the woods and now I realize not a lot of people would have known that anyways, but with my hesitation to name it then I'd imagine that's not too hard to figure out. Long time members can PM me and I'll more than likely give you the name of the place. I'm all for outing cheating casinos.
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I need to get my tinfoil hat before I post in this...

You guys know before they open a dice table they test the dice for magnetism right?

But let's say they do manipulate the dice..whether it's by magnets, or mind control or using Quicksilver to change the dice faster than the dealer can see it (not The Flash, he gives off too much wind effect..Also Marvel > DC)....wouldn't you notice it?

Also, dealers/pits don't care enough to purposely manipulate the dice. If there was some crazy scheme against the players we would have to be in on it and nobody would agree to it...we want your tips...pits want your tips....happy players=happy dealers=happy pits=happy management.

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