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Disclaimer: If you don't want to read a story with no real point, skip this post.


One of the "regulars" (I.e. I've seen him several times) follows this betting pattern pretty religiously (90% of the time):

Come out roll - $25 line bet. $25 on the horn high 12. If it hits, he adds $25 on the midnight, and $5 on the ace-deuce. if the midnight hits again, he'll double. If the other horn numbers hit, he leaves the $55 as is. Otherwise, the $25 comes back on the horn high 12.

Point established - Max odds. $110 inside (excluding point). Double the bets on any number twice before pocketing any $. Press a bit after that. $5 on all the Hardaways. Parlay the hardaways if they hit once. Double afterwards if they hit again. Standing $5 C&E. if the C&E hits, turns into $20 on the horn (and spread the rest on the hardaways if an E comes). If the horn hits again, up $20 per hit.


I can understand people taking a shot once in awhile or coming in with guns blazing looking for a quick score. But, I can't fathom how long you'd stick to this betting pattern given the astronomical HE (WinCraps anyone?).

Needless to say, this guy lost $2k pretty quickly. Was up early because he hit a midnight on the come out roll with $25 midnight & $25 horn high 12. Instantly called out $1025 ($750 + $300 - $15 for the rest of the HH12 - $10 for the ace-deuce). Dealers took 20 seconds to reach his answer. Obviously, he had done this before.
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People like to be entertained, and gambling is their form of entertainment.
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was this at Brantford or fallsview in Ontario??????
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For many/most the variance in Craps is too hard to take* so I think that is why you get such screwy ideas on how to bet. Hedging seems to make sense to the typical guy who has been getting beat up. And, yeah, some find it entertaining but when I observe them they typically seem miserable.

*except for the basic line bet which is the opposite. We are talking mind-numbing low variance and who just makes line bets no odds anyway?
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What makes me scratch my head the most are the guys who wait for a point, then make place bets, but avoid the point number - EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE A LINE BET!
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I saw this play last week and not only did I shake my head, I wanted to scream "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?"

Here was the play. $25 Don't Pass.

If the point was 5,6,8,9, He would take down the Don't Pass bet and then Lay Bet either the #4 or #10 for $50.

If the point was #4 or #10 he would make a $50 odds bet.

The worst thing about this play is that he was teaching his buddy how to play craps!

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