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Quote: barringtonink

Should I employ some sort of a press strategy after multiple wins or just try to grind with the same bet? If I get to the $14 level with place bets is it better to do a put bet with full odds? Is that offered there?

Whether to press and when is a personal choice, so I'll leave that part up to you and your risk tolerance. Personally, I like to press place bets when they win.

Not sure if they allow put bets or not.
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The very first time I played Craps was at a £1 table (Charlie Chester in London has now long gone) and somehow made £57!

The best strategy mathematically is to play the Don'ts, but for practical reasons it's more fun to play Pass. This is because you win if a shooter has a long roll.

You have the option of making Come bets and/or taking Odds. It makes no difference to your long term gain taking Odds, except it makes more money on a long roll and loses money on a bad run of luck. Rather than dealing with 25c's I probably would bet double odds on 5/9 or 4/10 and ignore 6 and 8 (or bet 5 to win 6 if things were going well).
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Quote: Boz

Just follow the Wizards optimal strategy of betting the Don't with full odds. The enjoyment of watching others get upset as you continue to win is part of the fun. Also be sure to loudly celebrate every win. And most of all Have Fun!

Great advice! Doubt if he will take it.

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