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How bad of a play would this be? Pass line for $10, no 4 AND no 10 for $41. Then 3x odds on the pass after the point is established.

If a 4 or 10 is the point, turn off the other, no odds, just let your pass line play until the end of the game.

If a 4 or 10 are hit after the point is established, go down to 1x odds, and ride it out until the end of the game.

Seems like the come out 7s would more than statistically offset any losses on the 4/10 during games

Its not a system, just wondering if its a viable way to play craps, with a $300 buy in, and the main desire to be able to play for extended periods of time on my cruise

Thanks for the thoughts
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The 4 & 10 are excellent bets, that is where the money is made. Having said that
they should be bet when people are hitting them.

I always pay attention to the results on shooters before I play. Almost every time you
play you will see some numbers more dominate than others, I think this is because the
dice are not the same ( certainly a thought not shared by most). If the 4 and 10 or
4 or 10 is one of them I will include them in my bet.

The bet I like the best is a single unit bet on the 4 or 10 or both, when it hits I throw out $1
and make it 6.. if it hits I take it down for a payment of $42 for a total bet of $6. (This is a
play I use on other shooters, not myself)

Now I wont do this on a real good roll, I keep it up and growing, but most hands are not
like that. You will be amazed how many times you hit that several times in a night, Lets say
3 and you play 2 times a week....... 3x42x2x52 = $13,104

A good chance for a decent return w/o any risk to your bank roll, and no vig is ever paid.

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I saw a guy hit a 6 place bet and take it down the other day. That is the first time I've ever seen somebody take down a 6/8 place bet after it hits. Nobody does that!
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Quote: teddys

I saw a guy hit a 6 place bet and take it down the other day. That is the first time I've ever seen somebody take down a 6/8 place bet after it hits. Nobody does that!

I do it all the time.

If you were at the Tropicana (AC) on Thursday, we may have been at the same table.

After a point is established, I place both the #6 and the #8 for $30 each. My goal is to win $35 on each shooter.

Once I am up over a $100 and I hit a #6 or #8, I will will reduce each bet to $12 each. This gives me a guaranteed profit of $11 and each additional hit adds $14 to my bankroll. One or two more hits and it's down on everything.

The one hit and down has saved me a lot of money when the next toss is a seven out. Of course I may miss a hot roll when the shooter tosses a few more #6s or #8s. I just stand there and silenty hope the shooter sevens out so I can start all over on the next shooter.
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I wouldn't lay both 4 and 10 at the same time.

Your chances of hitting one of those is the same as hitting a 7 (6/36).

I like the no 10 OR the no 4, plus a passline bet. Your chances of winning on a 7 is 2X that of a 4 OR a 10 rolling. Plus then you also have your passline bet that may hit.
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^^^ Laying both at the same time is no different mathematically. Yes, you have 2 times the odds of getting picked off, but if the MOST LIKELY NUMBER is thrown then you also win double. The edge on each bet remains EXACTLY the same as the other (for the 4 & 10). Adding 1 or removing 1 doesn't effect the other at all.

If you want to play a while play the DP with odds on 1 or 2 numbers and let the dice fly. From the DP/DC you'll win more frequently, but win less money, so usually that'll stretch out your play for longer sessions. It's almost the same as the Pass/Come though, so pick which side you like and stick to the basics. When you start getting in to place bets, lays, etc, that's where you get a bit higher house edges on your money.

This thought of "qualifying the shooter" or "qualifying the dice" for specific numbers/etc is literal hog wash. The dice are an independent trial every time they're thrown. Just because that drunk guy had a good throw last turn is in no way indicative that he'll have another good throw next turn.

Every bet on the craps table is a negative expectation. If your main goal is to play for longer, then you should stick to the lower edge bets. If you want to mix it up and have fun with lays or whatever, then go for it and have fun... but don't ever expect to win, just be happy when you do =).
Playing it correctly means you've already won.
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For $300, I don't think you could do both. Like, could you get away with it half the time, maybe, but I think you would need at least $600 to be 90% comfortable and ready to ride out two hours. No proof, personal belief.

As noted, do DP with triple odds. $10/30 is a relaxing game... You could even add in a lay bet on occasion to make things interesting.
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