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Quote: Morgue

Your expected return value of a $20 PL with no come bet is the same as a $10 PL+$10 come bet. The addition of any odds makes no difference too.

nice opinion
buts, this is meaningless in my opinion

no REAL craps player thinks about HIS average loss per bet
they play to have fun and win money.

actually you failed to say what does change is the variance and the probability distribution
way more important to a craps player, imo
but more of a challenge to the average (or below average) person attempting the math, i DO (DUE) say
one $20 pass line bet, in my opinion, has a way higher prob to win $20
a $10 pass and $10 come trying to win $20 (it is what the player WANTS)
of course, one MAY just end up with 2 pass line bets too (2 or 1+1 or 3-1)
variance rules at craps
leave the "expected return value" only folks to their losing ways, i say

one is either a lifetime winner
a lifetime loser

can not be both

and can not choose which one to be
hey, it is the game rules
how about smoking that in a pipe and telling the world what colors you see

i would like that
thank you for sharing!
I Heart Vi Hart
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Doesn't Lifetime loser + lifetime winner =breakeven player?
Perhaps one could have been both.
What if Sally starts gambling when she turns 21, over the next 30yrs she incurs losses
of 500k, continues 2 gamble 4 30yrs more and wins 500k. Was she a lifetime
winner or loser?

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