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We have a player at the casino who is a high roller on just about every sucker bet on the table. He'll put $50 on all the hardways, and press them all up to $200 (the table max) when they hit. On the come-out he's throwing in a $25 yo and $100 world at the very least, only betting the pass line (with no odds) when it's his turn to shoot Sometimes he actually will hit them all and be up $3-4K...but he sticks around, presses his bets and loses it all back and more. He'll drop around $3K a night on average and of course the casino treats him like royalty. To be fair, he does tip the dealers very well...

In terms of worst way to play craps that I've seen, it has to be tied with one player I saw at the other casino I worked at who would bet $200-300 on the DP/DC...but would call "no action" on all point numbers. Many don't players will do this for a 6/8, of course...but this guy was doing it for EVERY point number, even the 4/10. So basically he would only win whenever a 2 or 3 rolled, and inexplicably didn't want the part of the bet where the player actually has an advantage.

Any other funny stories of bad craps plays that you've seen?
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Quote: OneAngryDwarf

it has to be tied with one player I saw at the other casino

no, hands down player #2 has to be the dumbest I ever head of!
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I've seen people put a quarter on the DP for the come out. Once a point is established? Move it to the pass line. They aren't smart enough to place the point on the line...they do a put bet.
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Okay, the guy who took no action on don't pass for every point: insane in the membrane. I have to wonder what form of behavioral conditioning made him do that instead of just betting the 2 and 3.

I thought I had seen the worst, but that tops it.

The worst I ever saw: this guy who layed the 4 and also placed it. At the same time. The dealers seemed intensely disgusted when they thought he didn't notice (who can blame them?). I broke a rule of mine (never to give advice at a craps table) and tactfully asked him why he did that. I didn't get a cogent answer. He also combined this with betting the 12 every now and then. A very polite and nice guy too. He lost gracefully (the way to lose if you ask me).

I can only assume that some people have masochistic tendencies at the craps table and enjoy losing money very quickly with very very little chance of winning. He didn't seem mentally challenged, but really, how can one tell lately with so many glib morons out there?

He also didn't seem to enjoy it. I've seen high rollers who make stupid bets, but at least they seem to have a good time. And sometimes they even win.

Oh, and a high roller too. Minimum $100 bets. He bought it for at least $5K (I don't count chips so well by sight).

This happened at a table with only the two of us, and he liked to set the dice. At one point a dealer said to him, "Rhythm roller?" and he said, "Yes."

He didn't tip either. But then, he lost (surprise!), and as we know a lot of players don't tip when they lose (I always wondered about this -- especially as the dealers don't appear to mind it at all; when I eat a good meal I "lose" money but I still tip).

M'kay. More entertainment value.

I suppose the next worst I have seen: the guy who came to the table with his buddies (who had no idea how to play at all) and would yell out (and only yell out!) "Two way yo!" and throw his bet down. His buddies seemed interested in learning, and at one point one of them asked him, "What does 'two way yo' mean" and the guy said, and I quote precisely, "I don't know! It's the only thing I know to yell out!"

You can't buy this sort of entertainment where I live, folks.

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