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September 19th, 2014 at 7:22:14 PM permalink
Planning a trip next month. I've read about the new casino area starting to open with several others under construction. It's big money, the development I mean... They are going to compete with Macau.

So the question will be again, what about Craps? Another member kindly updated the Craps situation in Macau, where it is dying rather than expanding.

Could be some easy pickings in Manila.

I'll do a "google search" now and see what I can find out. Any first hand experiences much appreciated. The "game" at the long time existing Hyatt Regency is reported to be a game with house rules outside the norm and not what I'm looking for. This casino is government owned so I'm told....but the new area? That's the inquiry.

Food is always going to be a problem in the Philippines but the women come with the "GFE", speak English, and make many a man a fool.

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