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Just to be perfectly clear up front, a seven comes 1/6 rolls. Period.

I have no superstitions and I actually try (for reasons unknown) to explain about cognitive biases like recent results and confirmation bias to my table mates, if they are the conversationalist type. But regardless of my feelings about voodoo nonsense like "hit the money go funny" or "shorty works for the casino", I still think there should be established and enforced etiquette at the craps table.

I can't stand people who constantly keep their hands in the tub after the dice are out, or who put money on the table after the dice are out, etc. Not because 1/6 of the time a 7 rolls, but because it's rude. I play about 2x a month in Shreveport (100x odds FTW!) and there are enough locals to where this is not often a big deal, but the other night a guy came up to the table while I had the dice and the action went as follows:

"Dice out, hands high"

-I pick them up and do exactly zero voodoo with them. But as I'm about to throw, a guy puts both arms in the tub (where my toss will land) and counts out..."

"One..two hundred on 5, One, two , three hundred on 6"

He has no chips in front of him... so he's just counting off from a wad of $100s.

I ask him if he wants any more bets. He says nothing. I toss them once and roll a whatever-I-rolled.

Stick man takes his time and asks the guy if he wants to buy in. He says no.

"Dice out hands high"

I sort of wait for him, pick up the dice and he tosses a bill in the center for a $100 12 and yells "please no seven!!" (no bet says the stick man)

I toss the dice and as they are in the air he is reaching down to make another late non-bet and the dice hit him in the forearm. Inconsequential number... lets just say I rolled a 10.

Now the whole table is starting to get upset, and he remains totally sober and clueless (arrogant? Idiotic? I dunno).

Next roll is a 7, who cares, 1/6 yadda yadda, as far as I'm concerned. But the almost full table is extremely pissed at this guy for "causing" the eventual 7. I'm just upset because he is breaking every rule of etiquette I can think of, except spilling his drink on the table.

How can we, as a community of craps players, handle this type of situation so we make the game more smooth and fun for everyone? Other than hoping his $100 bets on 12 bankrupt him soon enough.

What other breaches of etiquette should be written into casino rules in your opinion? And how many of them would look like voodoo superstition to the 85% of people who believe in such nonsense?

I truly think it should be a rule that no new cash can hit the felt until someone seven's out. If you have chips, make bets, but otherwise just wait a roll or two or three. And if you get your arms in the tub 3x in an hour, they should ask you to leave. It's really not that hard to avoid.
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I assume you mean separating voodoo FROM etiquette. A lot of the casino regulations regarding player (especially shooter) conduct will short-circuit many of the more outrageous stunts. But the guy you describe is valuable to the casino. $100 prop bettors get cut LOTS of slack. Disciplining Mr. Voodoo would likely alienate him, and he would take his -$16+/roll EV elsewhere. Also, forbidding cash to come in on the table during a hand would likewise prevent people from betting--something the casino doesn't want to do.

I remember many instances of on the BJ table, we $5-betting scum screaming for drink service but then when a black-chip bettor arrived at the table, an endless train of cocktail waitresses streamed back and forth from the bar; they all but tilted his head back and jammed a funnel in his mouth. (The rest of us were ignored, of course.) The most cherished and fondled casino customer is the idiot with a stack of Benjamins. If you objected to Mr. Voodoo'd antics, I'd be willing to bet that they would continue French-kissing him and maybe throw YOU out.
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Yes I did mean "from" :)

But my rated average is around $200/hand and I tip every hand. I don't win and they take care of me, but I know why they won't get rid of him. $100 per roll on the 12 is sweet action. I was more driving at what we could do as non-jerk players to minimize these antics. Again, not because they bring bad luck. But because they bring annoyance.
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If i were in that siutation i would just ask the dealers to watch my chips while i went to the bathroom or to go get a coke or something. If i get angry at the table it affects my play so i just remove myself from it for awhile. If you are worth your salt as a player you can come back and play after this guy leaves. If he doesnt leave then politely ask the pit boss in private if he will kindly ask the rude guy to keep his hands up or his bets and the dice roll will be called off. Its all in he hands of the pit boss. He has to acknowledge all of his patrons not just the idiot 100 dollar prop bettor.
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How can we, as a community of craps players, handle this type of situation so we make the game more smooth and fun for everyone?

On a couple of occasions, due to a player's egregious offense against good craps sense and decency, I have yelled at them, angrily.

Not threatening, mind you, just yelling.

"Keep your hands UP when the dice are out!"
"What, me worry?"
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Once the dice are in the shooter's hand, he/she is in control of the game. I just wait when someone is sticking their hand down, etc. I won't shoot while someone is doing that. I don't think other players would begrudge you for waiting, because they want a fair roll, too. I've done it several times & people knew why. Of course if the dice are in the air, it's too late.
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Someone can have their C__CK on the table when you toss the dice, and nothing will change. People just want something to blame when they lose.
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Just throw the dice at the player. Problem solved.
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new guy buying in between rolls - their fault
cocktail waitress comes by with your drink in between rolls - their fault
friends coming by to see how you are doing - their fault
kissing your wife/girlfriend in between rolls - their fault
some random observing the tables - their fault
dealer talks about their sports bet in between rolls - their fault
that guy who pulls his bets back - their fault
not requesting same dice - their fault
requesting same dice - their fault
making 2 way bets - their fault
split second hesitation between rolling because you wanted to place the 8 - their fault
parlaying hardways since it hit on previous roll - their fault

basically "their" being everyone but the roller, in the mind of the roller.
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Quote: AxelWolf

Someone can have their C__CK on the table when you toss the dice

No action on the Big Johnson!
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