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Do you take Pay Pal ? Any extra for a copy autographed by the respected author ?
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Quote: Ahigh

If you like the Iron Cross, you'll love the easy peezie.

Bet every easy way for one unit each (15 units) and you win one unit every time you don't roll a pair!


You win 5 out of 6 rolls JUST LIKE THE IRON CROSS but you ALWAYS WIN THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT. So there's nothing confusing about it!

If you understand why you might not want to bet this way, but you don't understand why you might not want to bet the iron cross, consider that the composite edge per roll or the iron cross is ten times as high as a max odds strategy, just like EASY PEEZIE(sm) has an edge that is ten times as high as the Iron Cross.

I'll be selling a book called "MAKING CRAPS EASY THE EASY PEEZIE WAY." The book is only $19.99 if you pre-order now.

15 discrete one-roll bets, each one with E = -11.11% and all resolved together. In 36 rolls, $15 x 36 = $540 bet. 30 times you win 1:15 (15:1 - 14:14) >> 30:450; six times you "win" -15:15 >> -90:90. So your "system" earns you -60:540 = (surprise, surprise) -1:9 or -11.11%. Are we headed in the right direction here? I'm not really trying to do apologetics for the Iron Cross, just trying to objectively describe the "damage" without being dogmatic or fanatical about "Pass Line only, with Odds; Place 6 or 8; all other bets are eeeeviiiiiil!" I don't think that it's realistic anymore to venture into a new casino and guarantee leaving with 98% or more of your money; 97% is more likely. The Iron Cross can be played optimally to a 97.5% or even a 97.8% return, depending on location.

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