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The best bets would always be the hop bets. Just hop everything that has the resolved die in there every time you know something. The other bets are nowhere as advantageous and would just be wasted until you got to the max allowed bet.

No casino would do this, IMO. They would sooner just give away free money.

On average a hop bet would win 1 in 6 tries on average instead of 1 in 18 or 1 in 36.

The edge normally is 1/9 for easy hops that pay 16-for-1 which is 11.11% and 5/36 for hard hops which is 13.89%

The player edge would be to have 16x the bet 1/6th of the time for hops (266.66% EV or 166.66% player edge) on easy hops and 31x the bet 1/6th of the time for hard hops (516.67% EV or 416.67% player edge).

Each bet would have a different player edge, though. The hardways hopping is the biggest positive EV on the felt if you know the outcome of the first die.

Placing the eight nine and ten are also decent player edge bets if you know one die is the six in advance, you have a 50/50 chance to win bets that pay 13-for-6, 12-for-5, and 74-for-25 to maximize player edge.

The following are player edges when you know one die is a six:
8.03% player edge for placing a 8
20% player edge for placing the 9
48% player edge for buying the 10 for $25 (47.5% player edge once you get to $100 buys with $5 vig on the win)

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