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I was playing the DP at the D on Saturday night, standing at my favorite DP spot next to the base dealer, which was good because the music was so loud I don't think I would have been heard from any other place around the table. It was a long choppy session that turned hot before it got cold -- bad for me, but good for everyone else. The length of the session allowed me to consume lots of free alcohol so as the night wore on the party pit dancers looked more and more like they would actually go back to my room with me (which would have upset Mrs. Dice if we'd woken her) The alcohol also fogged up my memory a little so the details of this tale might be a bit off.

Before the table got too hot a couple of guys took the spots next to me at the end of the table and threw down thick stacks of 100s. For the most part they both made the same bets, but one guy had more money and made bigger bets, so I'll talk about him. He made his first bet and my first thought was he had "more money than sense" with his $500 line bet backed up with $600 odds. The D offers 10x odds, so if you are going to bet $1100 anyway, why not bet $100 on the line and $1000 odds? He was making huge line bets, place bets and prop bets - like $100 C&E. Eventually there was a point of 10 and he tossed a black chip in and called out, "Hopping hard 10." There were a lot of rolls and on most of those he made the same hopping hard 10 bet and wouldn't you know he had one out there when the 10 finally hit, and it came hard. Blacks and purples came out of the stacks and onto the rails in front of this dude. A little later there were more "hopping hard 10" calls with black chips flying ... and it hit again!

Now maybe after the first hit he might have been even on his hopping bets, but I'm sure he was ahead after the second ... though that might have changed after I left. I know there are some "high rollers" but it's not often I get to see action like this. I won't go so far to say it was worth losing a few hundred to see, but it sure added to the entertainment value that night.

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