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September 25th, 2013 at 1:57:01 PM permalink
I was just roaming around the internet and found this system on

"Since hard ways stay up until they are hit or lose, it is easy to start a progression with them - just bet $1 each on the hard four, ten, six and eight - a total of only $4 to start out. These hard numbers each should roll once in 36 rolls. If there is a long time between sevens you could win $7 + $7 + $9 +$9 or $32 for a $4 investment.

If the seven (or the soft number) rolls you would increase your bet by $1 and put it back up. So you might have different bets on different numbers. You should also have a 30% win goal and loss limit for this hard way method. If you buy in for $500 you would quit if you win or lose approximately $150.

Some crapshooters try to minimize their losses by calling bets "off" when 6 rolls go by to help minimize sevens. The bets are also off on the come out when everyone is rooting for a seven."

I am always skeptical about any betting systems, but I had never seen this type of strategy before. It tells you what to do if you lose a bet because of the 7 or the soft number being rolled.......increase your bet on that number by one unit. But it does not say that if you hit one of the hard numbers what you should do. Obviously there is either not placing a bed back on that number after it is rolled, or waiting for the next Come Out roll before you replace your bet on that number.

Am interested in any ideas about this system.

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September 25th, 2013 at 2:14:54 PM permalink
It shares the same general principle as the Martingale, if a Hardway hits, you'd probably drop back down to your base bet.

This system sucks worse than most others because it is designed for a bet with a huge house edge.
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i tried similating the no 10 before with a hardway edge and took 17 easy 10s before i got a hardway

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