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I often play on an otherwise empty table. I have a few extra bets for the crew. This makes it more fun for all.

I slow my play down a bit. It is easy to play too fast when you are the only shooter. Just slow the pace a bit.
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Quote: TheWolf713

Its Saturday Evening, you can hear the slot machines ringing in the background, People on the card games calling for drinks, and the loud roar of the crowd from the Craps Tables... You look over at the table and hear the loud cheers, but your cool savvy veteran attitude does not allow you to be phased by the chatter. As you scan the section, you notice another crew coming in to start up a new table....

As a player, what draws YOU to an empty table versus going to a table that sound like its winning???....

What are your thoughts


Wolf's are cunning and this isn't a spring trap for him. He was probably waiting for the change. He wouldn't be in this position unless he/she wanted to be. Hey, it's Saturday night and he's here. This can't be a surprise. It's well known the changing hours when the waves of player's come and go and also that the vampire class comes out late. Could be the Wolf is just on recon? That's what they do. They see, they circle, they plan, they are strategic. His target never sees him coming until it's too late.

I think he's there cuz he senses a quick opportunity or headed toward the door.

That crew coming in, they arn't new. No, they are competent and they've worked together before. But they're a little distracted, no one expect's the Wolf but he's been watching and sizing them up. Knows the score. The windows open, but could close quickly as those who were discontent at the other table shuffle over.

What does The Wolf do at a time like this?

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Quote: Mikey75

Best roll I've probably ever had in my life and I lost the last of my BR on it.

But not your sense of humor!!

I avoid anything crapless mainly because I was so drunk the first time I encountered crapless craps that still remember my confusion.

PSO is common at times and that is what the Dark Side is really good for. At an empty table, there is no one else to blame.
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I always have dreams of 'starting' a table and I cant remember when I have ever been successful. Last attempt was at the 'D'. The 11am crew was super green but nice. Pretty much nothing to show for 6-8 rolls, but a beverage. I have rode a previously hot table across the cold cold tundra and nursed it back to health, but have never started one.

I play mainly for entertainment and have no problem measuring my entertainment in loss per hour. That being said enjoy busy table as long as people are social and there isnt some guy taking 20 seconds to set the dice.
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Count me in with those that prefer a full-ish (but not packed) table. A couple of reasons:

1) Slower game (usually) = longer table time.
2) It's social game, for me.

However, I have started a few tables. Usually when I have a friend with me so it is two of us at least. If it is just me or my friends, we take our time with the dice. Sometimes the box will try to hurry us, but what is she going to do? It's just us.
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Quote: DrEntropy

However, I have started a few tables. Usually when I have a friend with me so it is two of us at least.

Usually I'm alone, so...

While I've never "started" a table, I've "finished" a few.

It happened last trip, too. I was playing along with 3-4 others. This time they left after my roll (one point hit). I had money left and I wanted to play, so I did another roll. I didn't do well. When The roll ended, I picked up my chips and left an empty table.
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I love an empty table. Nothing better than closing out all the noise around you and getting into a tossing zone. The best part is no hands or chips in the way and no arguments about missed payoffs.

Just set them ,aim for your spot and let em roll........

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There's one thing that gets annoying, for sure, the shot-takers on the Prop Bets.

I remember one occasion where the Stickman lost his cool for a second, because a Hard-Eight had been rolled and a player was arguing that he had a Red on the Hard-Eight which had been wrongfully taken down at some point.

Stickman: Dice out, no more bets!

Player: What!? I just hit the Hard Eight! Forty-Five bucks and leave it up, buddy!

Stickman: You weren't on the Hard-Eight.

Player: I was on the Hard Eight, and I've been on the Hard Eight all night!

Stickman: How could you have been on it? You have no chips!

Player: That was my last bet!

Me: (Muttering) The Point was Eight, the roll 5-3, three rolls ago, point resolved, Hard Eight loses.

Stickman: You lost your last bet!

Player: That was my last bet, and I just won!!!

Me: (Muttering) 5-3, Easy Eight, Take the Dont's, pay the Line, can this guy please shoot now?

Stickman: You lost on a Hard-Eight bet before that Hard Eight!

Player: And then I won on that one!

Me: (Yelling) The point was Eight, three rolls ago a 5-3 was rolled, Easy Eight, Pay the Line, Take the Don'ts, Hard Eight loses. Two rolls ago, Easy Six, 4-2, new point of Six. One roll ago was a No-Field Five, Three-Deuce, no action on the Five anywhere. This roll was the Hard-Eight. You weren't on it, you lost your last bet when the point was made, you should have been on the Pass Line! Can this guy please roll the F***ing dice!?

Stickman: See? Three Goddamn rolls ago you lost that bet, now buy back in, or get off my table!!!
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Quote: Mission146

Me: (Yelling)

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Well, maybe not yelling, but my voice was definitely raised. The shot-taker was a total douche-sickle.

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