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Its Saturday Evening, you can hear the slot machines ringing in the background, People on the card games calling for drinks, and the loud roar of the crowd from the Craps Tables... You look over at the table and hear the loud cheers, but your cool savvy veteran attitude does not allow you to be phased by the chatter. As you scan the section, you notice another crew coming in to start up a new table....

As a player, what draws YOU to an empty table versus going to a table that sound like its winning???....

What are your thoughts

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I personally hate empty tables. I like to shoot dice and doing it alone is not any fun. I also have never really made any good amount of money during my rolls so I like to pass a lot. As far as an empty blackjack table I feel like I get crushed a lot faster. I prefer playing at full tables for the most part. I do not particularly like craps tables so crowded I have to stand sideways though. I like to have some elbow room.
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We all know the various formulas about house edge times average bet times ...etc.

Sure if the table is empty then that house edge only applies to YOU and is not shared by other players. Every roll grinds against YOUR bankroll. If there are other players, be it craps or BJ or whatever, the rate of play changes.

I however do like to start a table out. First of all, I often play early in the morning anyway. Things will be slow the crew will be experienced and older usually family guys who want as close to "regular hours" as are ever available in a casino. They always work weekends but usually have Tuesday and Wednesdays off, just work day shift. So they are not super toke seekers either.

Usually the craps table starts off slow and then more and more people start showing up and you can tell from the banter that the crew and the waitresses know alot of the people.

I try to avoid an empty table that is really a crew that have put in for an EO ... Early Out. They want to go home so I leave them alone and two hours or one hour before their shift ends, they get released. I won't wander away from a very crowded table to play at a staffed but empty table. If I have doubts, I'll ask.

Just because I'm the only player at the table doesn't mean I have to let them push me along at a fast pace. Usually the waitress will leave me two orange juice and two bottles of water and not come back for quite awhile. When the table gathers steam, she will return.

I avoid tables that are a mad crush of humanity. A really jammed up game. If the stick is running over one of the base dealers all the time I'll be okay with that but its usually a sign the table is getting too crowded and I'll leave.

Its really just mere personal preferences. I don't think I win or lose any more money because of this.
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I avoid empty tables because I am basically a six and eight place bettor who typically passes dem bones, leaving it to others to shoot / make a line bet.
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I avoid empty crap tables....theres a reason they are empty, believe me...
However, I like an empty UTH table, less players to say stupid things...
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I avoid empty craps tables because if I play alone the game moves too fast. Of course, if everyone does this then the table will remain empty a long, long time.

Usually I go for a short walk and then come back to see if there's at least two other players. Then I buy in.
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I hate playing dice by myself but at the same time I hate playing at a full table too. Four or max five players on each side is perfect IMO.
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I don't like to play alone, but I will always go to an empty table if there's one available.

I then play at my own pace until more people arrive.

The thing is, it's rare to go more than a few rolls without getting at least three more people.

I get it. Nobody like an empty table. But they'll come to a started table, and I don't mind being a table starter.
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there is nothing better than an empty table i love it, particularly a table of decent size like a 12 footer or a tub.

It some times takes a couple of rolls to get bounce of the table down. If you are at a full table and have a short roll
you have to wait until the dice get back to you and start over. I five count random throwers so i wont lose much
on the way around... but you still have to pay attention.

The idea that a table is cold that is why it is empty is silly, all you know for sure is the
people playing were doing poorly. it has nothing to do what so ever with the next roll.

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That cheering and clapping is usually time for me to leave. I've been getting some good input from a younger jedi dice master and it seems the longer I'm at a table the better the chances for the casino to get my money.

Ah, the din of the casino, that's for the other's. I might play a little of the don't on a boistorous, freezing cold table and the churn of pso's could be attactive if I've determined that my chances to control the dice are diminished.

I have a limited amount of tables at my disposal usually. I'm familiar with all of them. It seems to me at least in the small casino town that if a casino has a second table, that's probably the one I'd rather play on. The one's it seems with better characteristics is the one that get's shoved off to the side and not used unless it's a busy night and they've had to pull in another crew. That's my window. Get in, get up and goodbye.

There's been quite a few times that I've arrived at a table and no one else is playing, the dealers bored, chatting with each other. Then, as soon as I buy in and pitch a few, the closet craps player's come in like fish returning to spawn. I've tried to get the casino's to cut me in for being a craps attractor but they're hearing none of it.

I've been told up in Vegas that the up front table at times is the only one worth playing on and the overload goes to the worser tables. There's little windows of opportunity to be had but I must remain nimble. "dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee" The opening of that "other" table is a sign. The casino has made it their tertiary table for a reason.

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