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Quote: tupp

I've heard theories. I think that the action/response of the roll buttons varies somewhat.

By the way, it's actually "history of 50" -- they flash a couple of sporadic stats about the last 50 rolls.

I hate to bust your "bubble" but there is no such skill to this game. it's dice in a bubble controlled by a machine just like SicBo (3 Dice) game.

There is a history of 50 previous rolls and if you "follow the trend" like roulette you can only get lucky.

They have a very nice bubble style multi player craps machine with minimum bet $1.00.
It's great if you like to try new bets or if you're a newbie and just simply learn this way.
Sorry for my many daily posts. I am a retired professional and I love to chat about gambling. I also enjoy reading and can't help but to reply to some fantastic articles.

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