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well it has been about 10 days since a childlike character accused me of lying, i am not'sure maybe that is like being
asked to leave the table by the pit boss because your shot looks to good.

NOw i have been hollered at by the pit boss because my shot looked to good, but in 65 years i have never
been accused of lying by anyone that knew me.

Two saturdays ago we were in northern Wisconsin on the 12 footer again.,... got the dice 8 times and ranged
from 7-17 and i think i made some money on almost all throws, playing partner was off and on but had a nice 36
among several 7-outs... over all nice profit.

Friday night in Peoria IL had some decent rolls with a 24 and 28 , it was fun night, first time on these tables, 14 foot is
a little long, but crew was very nice.

Saturday was not a good day. i waited for my spot at sl1 and got tired of waiting so hit sr1... hit 1 point and maybe
5 rolls, got to sl1 and had 4 7 outs in a row.... now even with a 7.9 Srr you can expect about 14.9% 7 outs... but not in
a row. i have to say that is terrible on fuller table and get a 7 out your first roll and have to wait 30 minutes to get the dice
back and do it again and then again.... almost every time you play you have to make a small adjustment in your toss or
release, just like hitting a bucket of balls before golfing.... but when you are at a full table and 7 out, particularly 30 minutes apart
4 times, you can't make any adjustment, your always starting over.

Anyway left table and came back when the tables were less full and did better, but was still well short of what i started with.

morning practice numbers

5-5 3-5 2-5 3-4
1-5 5-5 6-5 4-6
6-6 4-4 2-4 4-2
6-6 2-3 6-1 3-6
4-2 6-4 4-2 1-5
5-1 3-1 5-1 2-2
4-5 5-2 4-3 6-2
4-2 5-5 3-1 3-5
2-5 2-1 4-1 1-1
3-6 2-2 3-2 3-2

32.5% 6 & 8 27.7% is ramdom

55% on axis 44% is ramdom

good rolling

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Curiously only "one" 6-1 reported.
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Quote: AlanMendelson

Curiously only "one" 6-1 reported.


What set did you use?
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i always use the hardway set for practice if i am entering the results in smart craps

5's on top and 4's facing me.

The hardway set is there to eliminate or reduce the 6-1 shot. If you use the hardway set and 1 dice stays on axis and the
other pitches 1 face to the left or the right, you cant make a 7. In the hardway set you cant do anything about the 4/3 or
3/4 that is almost a perfect shot, the 5/2 or 2/5 is double pitch shot. one die rotates a full half turn more than the other.
that shot looks like one die lands and rests several inches from the back wall, the other further from the back wall.


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