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Quote: Mission146

That's probably not the world's best simulator, but it's free, it's easy (for some things), and I know exactly nothing about programming!

It seems to be fairly accurate on the sims. no real big testing on my part.
Better than nothing, even if it has small errors we do not see.

The site also has a streak calculator I come across now and then
that still has a few errors in it that was fixed by guru BruceZ and can be found here

Nice Work
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Thank you also for the link to that streak calculator, that will help me tremendously with the many Martingale questions we get on here, as well as with some other things. I often wonder about win streaks on Video Keno, so now I can use that to determine the liklihood of my hitting x streak within y games more easily.
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Money management is the key to all casino activity. for me as a dice setter it is key. end of story.

I have money set aside for craps only..... my wins go back in, i play with that money And if i lose my
account drops in value. I will not use a starting spread of more than 2% of my account. For me that is
is $200. Now i understand i am to conservative so i like to keep it to $120 if i can.

You cant win playing with scared money .....period... so this way i can whether some bad trips and still be ok. And believe
me i have...... You keep your loses smaller than otherwise, if you understand what you lose today will affect
what you can bet tomorrrow.

I used to use my pocket book or credit card..... it was and is to easy to chase loses... and dig a whole.

For the average guy that goes and buys in for $200, you cant play pass line and $54 across and a $10
field and $5 on all the hard ways. If that is the way you play, give me a call, i will take your $200 and
give you $50 back..... you will be way ahead.

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Dice-setter or not, bankroll management and discipline are keys to having a chance at craps.

As are loaded dice.
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loaded dice would have saved me a great deal of practice time that is for sure.

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Quote: Beardgoat

Why do people always say to take max odds? if I bet $5 on the passline and then back it up with $10 odds, don't I have the same chance of winning that bet as I do if I put $25 odds? I know I'm not likely to be at a yellow chip very quickly but I can always press bets if the table is hot. Can someone explain the thought of always taking max odds?

You are absolutely correct: betting max odds will not make you win. But if you do win, you will win more. When you lose, you lose more.

The "math guys" advocate making bets with the lowest house advantage or edge and max odds will do that. But betting max odds will not make you win. There is no betting plan, scheme or formula that will make you a winner at craps hence the great pursuit to find the magical dice influencer or controller -- the sacred cow of the craps world, the holy grail of the dice pit, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the.... Oh, you get it.
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For me it really depends on what I am doing?

A) shooting the dice,
B) betting on others

For A) shooting the dice, it depends on how I feel, if I think I can have a hand from where I am positioned at table. Am I using a Parr shot or a Little Joe shot. Is it a Fire table or ATS or nothing at all non bonus table.

If I'm feeling pretty good I might set a point, then fire $64 across and power press until my 15th roll where I could reduce $ on felt to $81-$84 across. If I don't get to 15 rolls I basically lost around $70 but of I do , I can rack $500-1000. Maybe more of I have a hand into the 40-50 then thousands.
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Salutations VegasDiceController,

I read all your posts on the other Craps forum and I am VERY impressed with your Bet Pressing exploits on your Trip Reports. On my last Craps trip a couple of weeks ago, I had 4 separate hands at 25,25,25,30 rolls before 7ing out. My best turn was back to back hands of 25 rolls before 7ing out where I waited for the Dice to get back to me without betting on anyone else.

I made GREAT money on this trip but in the back of my mind.....I was thinking if I powerpressed my bets like VDC details on those hands, I would have KILLED it with his power presses and made a 5 Figure Profit instead of the 4 Figure Profit I left with especially when I started raining down 4's and 10's...(Hardways all Day).

I'm wargaming a pressing schedule using your format on my practice sessions on a 12 Foot Craps Table in preparation for my next Craps trip coming up in a few weeks.

Glad to see you posting again.


Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented!

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