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October 19th, 2012 at 4:48:31 PM permalink
I admittedly have no experience playing at a dice table greater than $25 minimums, and at $25 tables you can still make $1 prop bets in the center (e.g. yo or hard 8). Does anyone here have high-limit dice experience? I want to know how the prop bet minimums increase as the line bet minimum increases. For example, at a $100 table, are the prop bet limits $5 each? What about at a higher limit table, say, $500 or $1000? Is there any hard-and-fast rule or does it vary by casino? I presume that at some point, the minimum line bet is high enough so that the bank doesn't even include $1 chips...
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At several Casinos that I have played; once the Minimum Pass Line Bet is $25; all prop bets have to be minimum $5 EACH.


1) Each individual Hardway bet must be $5 EACH.

2) Each specific Horn Bet # must be minimum $5; to bet all (4) different Horn Bets combined you'd have to bet $20 minimum.

3) C&E bets must be $5 EACH so a minimum bet of $10 is required to make a C&E bet.

4) To hop individual #'s you'd have to bet $5 on each individual # combination. Example; to hop all combinations making an "8", you would have to bet a minimum of $5 EACH on the 5/3, 6/2 & the 4/4 totaling a minimum of $15.

I have never played on a table higher than $25 Minimum so I can't speak on that.
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At the places where they have $25 minimums, most people who can afford those bets are not the finger snappers normally making those bets.

I have yet to find a place that wouldn't take a dollar prop bet .. even a hardway all day ever.

But the next time you go to the Wynn and see a $25 table, take notice of how few prop bets you see in general. These guys are more about taking max odds, and you generally don't see as much action on anything with a higher than 2.78% edge per roll.

Just an observation that I have made: people who bet at $25 and up tables don't bet as frequently on the higher edge bets as the lower minimum bet tables in more lower-income parts of town.

The most prop bets I see are actually on $3 tables. Fiesta Rancho comes to mind as a finger-snapper heaven for hop-betters.
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October 21st, 2012 at 11:37:28 PM permalink
Caesars allows $1 prop bets at the $25 tables now. There was a time when it was a $5 minimum... but times and Caesars have changed.

But even when it was a $5 minimum, the horn-high bet was actually $1 on three of the four horn numbers.

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