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I'm getting ready to construct a practice table, and it's size is going to be constrained by the size of the layout I get, but I've been wondering how big or small have you seen tables in live casinos?
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For a practice table, size actually matters little, and you are nailing down game concepts and procedures, - although they SHOULD be at least six feet across, and basically represent a "usuable gaming table." I built a six-foot practice crap table to practice dice on, and this was a minimum. You can build a six-foot plus game table with a layout and particle wood board from parts from Lowe's Home improvement: buy a full layout, and buy a wood particle board backing for the layout; apply the game layout with 3M spray-on permanent epoxy, using a dry paint roller; and use it as a "game-sized" table-top.

Casino sized games are generally:

Crap tables: 14 to 18 feet long, or 8 feet for a tub. A two-sided 12-footer is often seen. For learning, a six-foot layout on a particle board base is fine as a table top practice table.

Blackjack, Pai Gow poker/tiles, or Poker side game: 6 feet across.

Low-Boy Baccarat or PGP: 8 feet across.
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Unless you are doing this for some sort of dice control foolishness, I don't think it matters too much. Get a professional strength practice mat if you can and use a piano top if you need to.
Borrowing from that video about the Party Pit ... its the ironing board and the tv distraction that is fine, the main thing is the practice.

Same with a practice layout... anything approximating the real world is fine.

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