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I left a lot of money on the table this past weekend due to numerous 4,5,6,8,9,10, Horn, 7-out scenarios by random shooters. Instead of simply losing $64 Across as a Place Bettor on a Point 7-out as a worst case scenario (Though the only numbers that should be "working" on the initial roll after establishing the Point should be the Established Point and the Sister number so a Point 7-out should only cost you 2 Place Bets), I lost a minimum of $140 each time due to placing Double Odds when I stubbornly played Come Bets. Additionally, I had to keep throwing in Any Crap bets due to a ridiculous amount of 2,3,12's hitting.

The few times my Come Bets actually survived and the established Point hit; I had to keep hopping 7's to protect the Come Bets on the Comeout roll when skilled shooters repeatedly hit 7's on the Comeout roll wiping out all Come Bets. I found it very telling that the most skilled/lucky shooters I played with this weekend never played Come Bets and always set the Dice for the 7 on the Comeout roll.

Most importantly, the many times when you have a very strong feeling a 7 is going to be the next roll; I hate to have to Hop 7's to protect my Come Bets while the shooter is about to throw the Dice. When I played Place Bets across, I simply called "off" my bets and didn't feel the wrath of the table accusing me of "jinxing" the table by Hopping 7's during the game.

In my opinion, Come Bets are cool for the early 7-outs but I search to only play with "lucky" shooters so the early 7-out is not really an issue. Come Bets are good for 7's and 11's, a "lucky" shooter is not going to be trying to hit those numbers during the "ON" cycle of the game so there's no real advantage. With absolutely random shooters, that's a different story...but the real question is why would you ever want to bet on a random shooter?
Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented!

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