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Does anyone know how many decks are normally found in a CSM? I know you cannot count but there are some composition sensitive hands where the proper way to play them can change due to the number of decks and the cards that are available for you to see on the table. I realize it would be a very small reduction in house edge and would be over shadowed by the fact that you will play more hands per hour, but if it is the only game it still may be the best game in a particular casino. Just curious. Thanks.
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Depends on the CSM and the casino using it. Shufflemaster's ONE2SIX CSM, for instance, as the name suggests, holds between one and six decks.

Personally, card counting concerns aside, I think that CSMs are hideously unsightly. I wish they would mount them completely under the table so that only the part that actually dispenses cards and the part that cards are fed into are above the felt, as I've occasionally seen done.
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That depends, we here in Holland use 6 decks, but I heard that other casinos use 5 or 4 decks. The shuffle master CSM's have a small lcd display where the number of decks are indicated.
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