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How does dealer error in the players favor effect the house edge? Of course its good for the player, but how good? The nugget in Wendover, NV frequently has new dealers who make mistakes. Its a single deck game that doesn't allow hitting after splitting aces. I had one dealer who allowed me to do that. Another dealer was paying me double for my lucky bet coupons. While its not a mistake to have deep penetration in the deck, another dealer was going upwards of 75%-80%.
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Yeah, maybe a newbie dealer can be a real advantage sometimes. I forget which carney game it was and which casino it was but one newbie dealer fell for it when the players told him that deuces were wild. The players cleaned up that night I'm sure. I think it ended only when the dealer happened to deal himself a deuce and claim that he had the winning poker hand because he wanted to declare his wild deuce an ace. The floor person came over and looked at him kinda weird.

So if you happen to already do your gambling in Wendover, NV then its a reasonable question. I doubt it would be reasonable to spend time and money driving there on the off chance that a newbie dealer at single deck blackjack is going to be favorable for you.

You can get newbie dealers all over Vegas: Craps, BJ, MiniBacc. At the end of the night a newbie dealer probably only shaves a few pennies of the house's take. You can't predict how alert the floor person will be, you can't predict whether there will be some jerk like me at the table who opens his yap about a dealer error and ruins the rest of your whole night.

I'm sure that dealer error and player error are indeed a factor. Why is it that the casino allows the players to drink for free but won't allow the dealers to drink even if they pay for their own drinks. Its sort of a given that player error increases with alcohol and time whereas dealer error increases with TimeOnShift, boredom levels and training.
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Outside of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and LA card Rooms, some places have a high-percentage of Newbie dealers.
If the place is a "break-in" place within Las Vegas like the El Cortez, the effect is nil because of snarling pit-bull pit bosses just itching for a player to take a shot at the staff. They know it's a break-in joint, they know the shot-takers know it's a break-in joint, - and they're at the ready.

Outside of LV, might be an easier go, but counting on break-in joints as "advantage play" is neither an effective or classy position to take.

One local 7-11 convenience store has a lot of newbie counter clerks, and there are always a few meth addicts trying to scam a new clerk into change for a $20 from a $10 bill so so a dirt bag too can score another dime bag...

Quote: FleaStiff

...you can't predict whether there will be some jerk like me at the table who opens his yap about a dealer error and ruins the rest of your whole night.

Yes we can. When it comes to casino scamming, we can set our watches to the ebb and flow of all this....trust me, some casino loss prevention departments even track gamblers' forums for both public attitudes as well as techniques used on casino scamming...

Edit: Again, do not operate on the basis that a "dealer error makes it mine" as an income source, - especially with pit bosses and surveillance watching....
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