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A while back, I wrote a letter to the Wiz about a "Reservation" blackjack table at the Empress Casino in Joliet, IL (Now the Hollywood Joliet) that had OK rules, with a $5 minimum, however you had to pay $20 to play at this table for an hour. The Wiz calculated this game as having a house edge in the neighborhood of 14% or so (the actual number escapes me at the moment)

Welll, they replaced this game with a less lousy $5 table. 6 deck, dealer hits all 17's and a 21 pays 6:5. I calculated this (with all the rules I could glean from the table, and using the Wiz's calculator) to coming out to a 2% house edge. Way better than the "Reservation" game, but still lousy.

First, why is the Chicago market loaded with absolutely horrible games? I honestly don't play much anymore because I have to drive over to indiana (60 miles) to get a good game. Secondly, I am TIRED of getting treated like a second class citizen because I don't ever bet higher than $10 (usually $5) at a table, and refuse to play anything over the quarter level on VP. (Not that the VP issue matters. THere is absolutely NO playable VP at almost any level in the market, from what I can tell.)
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In short, your treated like a second class citizen, because in the casino eyes you are a second class citizen. You're not giving enough action or EV for it to be worth them offering better rules. At the $5 level, a 2% edge is just 10c per hand. 90 hands a hour... $9/hour from you. That's possibly enough to be worth their while. At 0.5% edge, $2.25/hour... they might as well not offer the game at all as it costs them more to serve you than it's worth.
"Then you can admire the real gambler, who has neither eaten, slept, thought nor lived, he has so smarted under the scourge of his martingale, so suffered on the rack of his desire for a coup at trente-et-quarante" - Honore de Balzac, 1829
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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

within 10 years, 3:2 will be a relic. Thank goodness for flashing dealers! How mad will the casino managers be when a 6:5 game gets wrecked but a hole carding team. BTW, MGM Detroit has had 6:5 for about year now and Greektown just added 4 tables albeit on a CSM games.

The odds are better on all BJ games going back to 3 to 2 than any hole card team making a dent in a 6 to 5 game !

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