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November 15th, 2021 at 4:36:54 AM permalink
I posted comments on MG21 about his style of play, he told me I am not capable of understanding his level of play because I asked him if he ever Split 10s against a Bust Card.
I asked Mark, "Why does the Casino allow an "Advantage Player" such as yourself to play at their Casino? Mark never responded to that question.

When I asked Mark if he would ever play UTH, his wife answered by saying he is a Professional BlackJack Player only. I politely told Mark I'm not interested in joining his Cult, or any Cult for that matter. The next time out at the Hard Rock with "Pablo" as his Dealer he actually mocked me but not by name of course.

Make no mistake, I like watching Mark win, but it does seem very odd that he wins so much and the Casino still takes his "Action" ?
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You're not seeing all of his play, remember. Just his winning sessions.

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