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Yeah, I remember the early BJ machines in PA. They were ShuffleMaster machines, using a large screen monitor showing a dealer who just looked side to side while waiting for players, then snapped to attention when a player inserted money. But even then she was somewhat disconnected from the action. Kinda spooky.

Anyway, as I recall, the discussions here stated that each player, as well as the dealer, used cards coming out of their own six deck shoe. And each hand started with new shoes for everybody. That's how they ensured that no player's actions affected any other player.
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Quote: heatmap

So we have a games called infinite blackjack - pretty sure that one guy who makes never ending news is the creator of it but not sure

And we have Stadium Blackjack


Both are dealt ALMOST with the same procedure

except one difference - stadium blackjack players get to use the next cards as they come out for their hand

infinite blackjack DOES NOT


Heres an example - we have a "shuffled shoe" of cards

Shoe : 5432TJQKA

Infinite blackjack hands are dealt out like this :

Good Player : 53T
Bad Player : 53TJ (player hit his 18 because hes bad at this game)
Dealer with good player: 42JQ
Dealer with bad player : 42QK

Stadium blackjack hands are dealt like this :

Good player : 53T
Bad Player : 53TJ
Dealer with good player :42JQ
Dealer with bad player : 42TJ


the only reason im asking this question is because there are some really REALLy bad players in PA who will split tens and hit a soft 20

the "rule variation" is that on stadium the players who "play optimally" do not get affected if a bad player makes a bad move because they always get the next card as the infinite blackjack players must wait till all people are done acting "badly" and are always affecting the other players because they are using up the cards that the dealer normally would have gotten

is there a HA associated with the differences in rules

The Wiz has said many times that bad players don't effect the overall odds that the casino has. A bad player can just as easily take a card that would make the dealers hand.
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Quote: kewlj

"No players actions can effect another player" is written into Pennsylvania law in some fashion. I forget the exact wording.

The point of this is that in Kenny Uston's legal win resulted from the Supreme Court of PA ruling that casinos were not allowed to offer games where the skill factor was greater than the luck factor. Ergo, blackjack is a game of luck so Kenny can play. Essentially, if a casino offers it, then it is a game of luck. Crazy and backwards logic.

Here is the wording from the 1983 ruling: 吐or a game to constitute gambling, it must be a game where chance predominates rather than skill.

More recently:

My definition of luck would be that any decision my dog could make would have the same EV as any decision I could make. Baccarat, roulette, craps, slots, keno etc. are dog=person games. Blackjack, not so much. Even learning a few basic-strategy decisions constitutes skill.
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