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Quote: kewlj

You mean like dealer calling checks play at $25 for a red chip player? lol.

Do you know a red chipper spreading $5-$25 draws more heat than a green chipper spreading about the same. lol.

I was at EC today for about 4 minutes to play off some free play. They had plexiglass or plastic installed between the video poker machines. First place I have seen doing that. Most just shutdown every other machine (or remove the chair).

ROFL; right on KJ. It's hilarious. The first time I had $80 on a bet (3 green 1 red on top) and the dealer called out checks play. I told him he was wrong; that I didn't have $100 out; that he miscounted my green. The next time at a different table they called it out on two green chips. I asked him how could that be "checks play"; he said their rules were any bet over $50 was to be announced as "checks play"..........LOL

Can you say, "sweaty"? I know you can, said Mr. Rogers.
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Quote: MJGolf

he said their rules were any bet over $50 was to be announced as "checks play"..........LOL

I am not kidding, I have seen them call checks play on $25 bets at the $5 table, but it has to be a player that started out betting $5 and spread to $25. If a player starts out betting like $15 and ups to $25 they don't call checks play.

Now if you are betting green at a $5 or $10 table,, they usually call at the traditional $100. But if your staring bet is not $25, but say $50 or $75, you can usually bet well above $100 with no checks play call.

EC is definitely a "funny" place. And what draws heat and attention differs greatly depending on who is in the pit. :/

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