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Quick post on eldorado blackjack in shreveport. I mostly play 6 deck, a little less heat and count lasts longer.

I decided (i have been backed off from many casinos), that I did not want the boot from shreveport. I thought I should get drunk first to disguise myself, so I went to the de ja vu club first, highly recommended, and then headed walking distance to eldorado. Lots of big table games sd dbl dk, mostly 25 and up I found a 6 deck 10 min game and sat down, all the right rules decent pen, dealer was an idiot messing up on every hand thank God. No surrender and s17. I bought in 500 and ordered a drink, only played one shoe as I found a good count.won a few hundred lost a few hundred and then with +6 tc bet 400 and got bj. Made 500 total and left the game. Too scared to keep playing, games are too good and I heard if u get backed off I get backed off everywhere. Nice city highly recommend
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Hope thatís not your real name and pic
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Quote: DeMango

Hope thatís not your real name and pic

now well know if the account or picture gets deleted. what a bind to be in if so
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Did you play anywhere else in Bossier/Shreveport?
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Why not just sit at the blackjack table and TELL the dealer/pit you went to the club and had X drinks, if that's part of your "disguise?" The only drinks they usually care about are the ones they see you drinking... so if you drank 3 at the club then 1 at the table (and this is part of your plan/tolerance/etc), why not sit down at the table and order a shot/drink, and do that twice? The pit usually get the picture if you do that, as opposed to them not seeing you drink the others and possibly not caring?
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