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Hey guys, after taking a long break from the game to deal
with some family things I recently decided a few months ago to get
back to playing. Its been a long time since I have been on the
forums so I figured I would share some of my trips with you guys
and would love to hear some feed back!

Decided to take a trip to Harrah's Cherokee in NC to get back at it.
I was there for 3 days and played 6D H17 the entire trip, 80% pen &
my spread was $25 - $250. I ended up playing through exactly 100
shoes (the way I keep track of my playing time). It was a lot of fun,
no back-offs or anything and I ended the trip +$2,137.50.

A couple weeks later we went back. My brother and I stayed there for
2 days. The first day was okay, I was up about $600 or so then the 2nd
day took a big hit, ended the trip -$3,325. Sucks to end any trip on a loss
but it happens, still was a lot of fun and again no back-offs or anything.

Since then I have taken several trips to Myrtle Beach, SC. Its one
of my favorite places for vacation near my home, only about a 2 hour
drive. We went out on the Big M Casino boats (they have 2). The game
is actually extremely good, 6D S17 LS and the best part is about 85%
penetration. They also have 8D S17 LS for $5 and $10 min. After 3 trips
out on the boats I ended up +$2,975. All in all its been nice getting
back to playing, hoping to increase the amount of trips to 2 or 3 per
month next year!

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