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Ok, so...

I'm a low rolling, non-card counter who enjoys blackjack. I'm looking to have a little fun and make a few bucks (if possible). If I am playing intelligent basic strategy (if not optimum), but not counting, is it REALLY a big deal if I am playing from a 6 deck shoe or CSM? Should I still seek out the low stakes single and double decks downtown? I should say that, though I don't count, I do pay attention to what cards have come out.

I WILL NOT PLAY 6-5, so don't worry about that!

Going to Vegas in a month.

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You will probably be playing most often at the casino where you are staying. Or atleast somewhere nearby. I would not trek to any particular destination just to seek out a particular quirk in the rules or the equipment that gives you only a very sightly atered house edge.

Oh, you can go to a house edge calculator and figure out the percentage and then multiply it by how much money you are going to be betting but whats the use? You are playing for fun and you are paying attention to something rather close to optimal play, so why worry about anything other than a casino that you like to play in.
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If you're playing intelligent basic strategy and not counting, why not learn to count and to learn the optimal strategy?

Otherwise, yep, the CSM or number of decks doesn't really matter if you are just there for entertainment. So I would say go to a casino that you enjoy and you get good service and comps.

Good luck!
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